The Community Cookbook  is a project conceptualized in the spring of 2020, as a resource and creative landscape to connect with food and community from afar. Volumes 1 & 2 were curated by Sienna Fekete in NYC - you can find the links to these volumes below.

Wishbones collaborated with Sienna for the Community Cookbook Project Volume 3! Volume 3 is now avalible for pre-order and downloadable as a free PDF :) 
This book invites you to explore and be curious about the possibility of food and cooking as a tool of nourishment, comfort, and joy. I invite you to enjoy these complimentary language, poetry, playlist, and familial memories they have provided alongside each recipe. May we continue the legacy of skill-sharing, speaking through food and making cooking an intergenerational journey of collaboration, taste, and liberation

Dedicated to my twelve-year old self, a novice ambitious food lover, and all the folks who showed me about the power of good food <3

- Sienna Fekete
A community cookbook has always been a dream of mine. When Sienna asked us to participate it meant so much. New York and Toronto are both homes to me, and so many familiar and new names in this book shows the layers and potential a community cookbook can have. Thank you for joining us in collaboration, celebration, and play! Community cookbooks are archives! Living memories!

- Brooke Gangbar

The best recipes are the ones that evoke a memory, a feeling, a mood. All the contributions in this book come from people choosing to share those with us. So thank you to everyone who is reading, sharing, eating, writing, salivating.

- Brigid Savage

cover artwork: kaur alia ahmed
Community Cookbook Volume 1: PDF

Community Cookbook Volume 2: PDF

︎ Community Cookbook Volume 3: PDF ︎